"Open your eyes"

The Purkersdorf Nature Park is looking for young active researchers.

With our “Open your eyes” campaign, we address young active researchers who help us to document rare animals and plants. On our "treasure map" we have given hints on where the habitats of species we are looking for can be found.

Hello young researchers!

With our “open your eyes” campaign, we ask our young visitors to document their observations of notable animals and plants. We use these observations to better protect animals and plants in the nature park.

Of course, the campaign should also be fun, which is why we have included not only "difficult-to-find" but also a few "common" species in the search task and we also have provided a treasure map on which certain locations are marked. Every active treasure hunter receives a reward.

If researchers do a sighting, they can report it with a photo by e-mail to info@naturpark-purkersdorf.at and help us to document the occurrence.

You can win with just one sighting! At the end of each year we raffle among all participants a bee-tour with our beekeeper!

The observation folder and the treasure map show possible occurrence sites where natural treasures may be discovered.

Observation folder 1

Grünspecht - Green woodpecker
Schwarzspecht - Black woodpecker
Hirschkäfer - Stag beetle
Feuerschwamm - Tinder fungus
Hackspuren - Hack marks

Observation folder 2

Feuersalamander - Fire salamander
Gelbbauchunke - Yellow-bellied toad
Ährige Teufelskralle - Spiked rampion
Südost-Aronstab - Southeast Arum
Elsbeere - Service tree
Waldzyklame - Purple cyclamen

This project was carried out as part of the EU Programme for Rural Development (LE) 2014-2020” with funding from the EU, the federal province of Lower Austria and the municipality of Purkersdorf.