Our nature park and the Rudolfswarte tower are open all year round. There is free access with no entry fees.

The nature park and the Rudolfswarte outlook tower are accessible all year round. However, the "Wienerwaldhaus" museum and the toilet facilities in the Deutschwald park center remain closed between during winter (i.e. between around November and April, depending on the weather).

Please observe the applicable Corona regulations

Walking in the forest is relaxing and healthy, an ideal way to leave behind the stressful everyday life. Please observe the applicable outdoor regulations. Hike in small groups; keep a safe distance from people who do not live with you; do not share water bottles and wash your hands regularly.

We apologize for current access restrictions

The hiking trail around the wild boar enclosure is currently only accessible halfway, between the nature park center and the "Spechtweg". This is because of renovation work on the bridge below the gate. It is expected that it will be possible to walk around the enclosure again in May 2021.

The narrow access between the sheep and goat enclosure and the donkey enclosure from the "Kellerwiese" to the stables will be accessible again by middle of May 2021. This is because we renew the fences and add a small drystone wall.

Spring highlights

Sprouting wild garlic: Currently, the wild garlic is sprouting almost everywhere. A handful of the fresh green leaves washed and cut with curd cheese and a little salt mixed as a spread on a slice of bread tastes wonderful. Further recipes and other delicacies from the forest can be found in our brochure "Genussvolles aus dem Naturpark", for which we received an Energy Globe Award 2020. 

Wild boar piglets: Since the middle of March, the wild boars are having offspring. In our wild boar enclosure at the Deutschwald park center the white-striped piglets are vivid and curious, and they are easy to spot.

Biosphärenpark Wienerwald Online Challenge until mid-May 2021

We are an active partner in the current competition. From May 1 to 16, participation in the online challenge "Biosphärenpark Cup 2021" is possible. The resolution to the individual subtasks and the achieved number of points will be sent to all participating teams by e-mail after the end of the challenge period from May 17, 2021. >> Participation

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Photo competition #frühlingimnaturpark

Together with all nature parks of Lower Austria we are looking for the most beautiful spring photo! Of course, we are especially happy about your beautiful memories from visit in our nature park.
Click here for details and conditions of participation.

Outdoor school lessons are a great experience

Schools may use the nature park as an outdoor classroom. The "Deutschwald" park center offers benches sets for group work and - on rainy days - a covered fresh-air classroom in the "Holzlabor".

Our book tip: Maximilian Moser "Kerngesund - Mit der Kraft des Waldes".

Maximilian Moser is a doctor and university professor in Graz. In his book (Servus-Verlag, 191 pages, € 22.00) he describes how forests contribute to our physical well-being and how our body becomes healthy:
"When we go on forest walks with our family or in a group in which we feel comfortable, the social bonds are strengthened and we feel the mutual support and togetherness in our common experience of nature, which has been proven to promote health and resilience. Furthermore, we can develop a feeling of gratitude ... when we face such powerful beings as the trees, who provide us with breathable air, pure water, wood, food, essential oils and other things that make our life possible or at least make it more pleasant."


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