Our nature park and the Rudolfswarte tower are open all year round. There is free access with no entry fees.

Walking in the forest is an ideal way to leave behind the stressful everyday life. 

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The Nature Park is accessible all year round.

Our nature park and the Rudolfswarte outlook tower are throughout the year. The entrance is free. 

Restrictions during winter operation

The Museum Wienerwaldhaus is closed from the beginning of November until Easter. Our toilet at the Deutschwald Nature Park will be closed over the winter until the beginning of April 2023, because we have to secure our water pipes against frost in winter. The two "dry" porta-potties at the western edge of the Kellerwiese are also available throughout the winter.

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Hiking in winter

The forest has its own special charm at any time of the year and in any weather. You don't have to go to the far north of Europe to enjoy winter to the fullest with all your senses, even if the forest is not covered by a thick blanket of snow or the snow glistens in the sunshine. 

Even without snow, the seemingly dormant nature in the cold, clear air has its special charm for a walk. You can see the different growth of different tree species much better than in summer. And animal tracks that otherwise remain hidden from you can be easily discovered on the damp ground.

For a successful winter walk

To ensure that your body, mind and soul benefit from a winter walk in nature, don't stay outside for too long. Two hours in nature is the perfect amount of time to recharge your batteries and boost your immune system. Please note: 

  • Our hiking trails are neither cleared nor gritted in winter. Sturdy shoes with adequate tread will ensure a good footing on the sometimes-muddy forest floor and prevent injuries.
  • The right clothing in a double-layered look, thick socks, hood and gloves, as well as a wind- and rainproof jacket protect you from the cold.
  • Before a hike, obtain information about the length and duration of the planned tour, as well as the weather conditions. A walk along the nature trail, starting at the Kellerwiese and ending at wild boar enclosures Deutschwald, takes about 30 minutes. See also Walking in the nature park

Our animals in the winter nature park

Especially in the cold season, when the wild animals like the red deer, the roe deer or the wild boars in the enclosure find less food from the forest, they show themselves more at the feeding places, where they can be observed well. Also the sheep, goats and donkeys at the cellar meadow, which thanks to their thick winter fur do not freeze even at -20 degrees, can often be found on the pasture.

Special edition nature park honey

In winter, honey sweetens tea or the enjoyment of many dishes. In the Nature Park office, this special bottling of the Nature Park honey from the past season with the particularly pretty winning label of the 2022 competition is available in 250g and 500g sizes.
Sustainability in action: empty jars (cleaned, without lids) can be handed in for reuse at any time directly at the entrance to the nature park office after enjoying the sweet gold.

"A walk in the forest is a booster for well-being"

Jasmin Altrock writes about the health benefits of forest walks in a full-page article published in the daily newspaper "Der Standard" on April 14, 2022:

"The positive effects that the forest has on us can not only be felt, they are also measurable: the stress hormone cortisol is reduced, the storage for the sleep hormone melatonin is filled up, and blood pressure is also lowered - and this already after a relatively short time of walking. "For the first effects, 20 minutes are often enough," explains environmental physician Daniela Haluza from MedUni Vienna. But for long-term improvements, you should spend at least two hours a week in the green - and more is always possible, of course."

Read the article here (in German)

When winter has arrived in the forest...

... with a little luck, edible tree mushrooms, so-called Judas ears (elder mushrooms), can be found on dying or dead elder wood. In winter, when almost nothing else grows, this mushroom is a special bonus, combining the bitter substances of endive with the beta-glucans of the mushroom.. The appropriate and other recipes as well as other delicacies from the forest can be found in our brochure "Genussvolles aus dem Naturpark", which was awarded an Energy Globe Award 2020.

Explorations for young treasure hunters

Our tip for families: With our "Open your eyes" campaign and the "Nature Park treasure map", young explorers can discover and explore the treasures of the forest along the hiking trails.
>> Click here for our treasure map
>> Open your eyes: Researchers in the Nature Park

Book tip: Expedition Nature - The Great Winter Book

The big winter book offers exciting factual information about nature in winter, numerous experiments, recipes and handicraft instructions. Is the first snow falling from the sky in silent flakes? Then let's get out into the exciting winter landscape. And if it does get rainy and uncomfortable, there's plenty to do indoors, too - experimenting, crafting, baking and cooking.
Available at