Our nature park and the Rudolfswarte tower are open all year round. There is free access with no entry fees.

The nature park and the Rudolfswarte outlook tower are accessible all year round. However, the "Wienerwaldhaus" museum and the toilet facilities in the Deutschwald park center remain closed between during winter (i.e. between around November and April, depending on the weather).

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Forest Fire Ordinance

Due to the persistent drought, a Forest Fire Ordinance 2021 has been in force in the overall district of St. Pölten Land, according to which smoking and any kind of ignition and maintenance of fire is prohibited in the forests and in the danger zone of the forest (near the forest edge). Violations of this ordinance are punishable by a fine of up to € 7 270.

Please observe the applicable Corona regulations

Walking in the forest is relaxing and healthy, an ideal way to leave behind the stressful everyday life. Please observe the applicable outdoor regulations. Hike in small groups; keep a safe distance from people who do not live with you; do not share water bottles and wash your hands regularly.

Our tip for a hike in our nature park.

The forest has its own special charm in every season, whether it is sunny or rainy. Especially in midsummer, the forest provides rapid cooling as an air conditioner, since the air temperature under the trees is always 5 degrees Celcius cooler. In order to enjoy this to the fullest, it is important to choose clothing that is appropriate for the weather: sturdy shoes with a good tread ensure good footing on the forest floor and prevent unnecessary injuries.
More about our nature park rules

Label competition Nature Park Honey Special Edition 2021

Duration 15.7. to 3.9.2021
Design a personal honey jar label directly at the honey show on July 15, 2021 (registration is required to participate) or request it from the nature park office, design it and return it (mail or e-mail). Among all artistic submissions received by the deadline, a selected jury will choose a winning design that will be presented at the Nature Park Festival in mid-September (18.9.2021) as a special edition 2021 of the Nature Park Honey. Sweet prizes await the best three labels.

Our animals at the Kellerwiese are looking forward to their visit

Over the past winter, we also renewed the access area for our four-legged friends to the donkey pen and renovated the fencing by building a small dry stone wall. Now the narrow access to our sheep, goats and donkeys at the Kellerwiese is completely open again since the beginning of July.

Circular path around the wild boar enclosure is open again

After the construction of a new wooden bridge, the circular path around the wild boar enclosure is now possible again without restrictions. The path was supplemented with new information boards as well as a comfortable table bench in the middle of the path. Duration for a comfortable walk around the enclosures is about 30 min

The summer nature park for young explorers & treasure hunters

Also this year numerous summer vacation camps take place in the nature park. But also with the family the treasures of the forest can be explored and searched.
>> Click here for our treasure map
>> Open your eyes: Researchers in the Nature Park

Fruit trees for the Kellerwiese

On the "Day of the Orchard Meadow", new native fruit trees were planted in the lower animal enclosure at the Kellerwiese in cooperation with our nature park beekeeper. In the long term, these trees will provide more shade for the animals and increase the biodiversity of the meadow.

When the hedge roses bloom in the forest...

Currently, the white or pink blooming dog roses attract wildlife and serve as food for wild bees, honey bees or the white-spotted widgeon. But soon the rose hips grow here, which are processed into jam or tea in the fall. More recipes as well as other delicacies from the forest can be found in our brochure "Genussvolles aus dem Naturpark", which was awarded the Energy Globe Award 2020.

Book tip: Die kleine Waldfibel ("The little forest primer") by Linda Wolfsgruber

Winner of the Austrian Children and Youth Book Award 2021
Time and again, people are drawn to the forest - whether to explore, gather berries and fruits, play and climb, or to find a place of peace, relaxation and inspiration. Linda Wolfsgruber dedicates herself to this versatility of the forest in her little forest primer. She vividly describes how the forest changes with the seasons and what there is to observe in the forest. In addition, recipes show which delicacies can be prepared with fruits and plants from the forest. In between, poems by various writers invite readers to dream and reflect. At the heart of the book are profiles of the most common native tree species. Printed transparent sheets make it possible to look at both a young tree that has grown bare in winter and a mature tree in its summer dress (translated from Verlag Kunstanstifter)




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