Our nature park and the Rudolfswarte tower are open all year round. There is free access with no entry fees.

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The Nature Park is freely accessible all year round...

...but please observe our nature park rules...

Our hiking trails remain natural even in winter; they are not cleared or gritted when there is snow or ice. Please be careful.

Lookout Rudolfshöhe currently closed

Due to urgent maintenance work, our lookout Rudolfshöhe is currently closed until mid-April 2024. In cooperation with the municipality of Purkersdorf, we are endeavoring to keep the period of closure as short as possible.

Facilities opened 

The Wienerwaldhaus Museum, the drinking water outlet & the toilets at the Nature Park Centre are opened until the end of October 2024.

The two "dry" porta-potties on the western edge of the Kellerwiese are available throughout.

Our latest news...

...are available on our channels on our facebook and Instagram channels.

Spring has started...

...and nature is slowly beginning to sprout. With the current temperatures, the buds are still in the starting blocks and their different appearances are fascinating. With a little practice, you can easily distinguish the main tree and shrub species on a walk in the woods. If you want to practise a little beforehand, you can prove yourself with this tree bud quiz.

Hiking in Nature park Purkersdorf

Well equipped, nothing stands in the way of a walk in the forest: thanks to the fresh spring time forest air, you can enjoy very good views on sunny days in selected parts of the nature park. Please consider our hiking tips!

Nature Park Honey - Special Edition 2023/24

Our nature park honey not only sweetens tea or many dishes, but also keeps you healthy. The jars (250g and 500g) with the particularly pretty winner's label of our competition can be purchased at the Nature Park office. Please order in advance. 
Clean empty jars without lids can be handed in at any time at Wiener Straße 12 by the door to the Nature Park office.

Drone flights over deer enclosures

The Nature Park has been supporting the BAMBI research project of the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences since mid-March 2023. The aim is to find a method with which wild animals can be recorded and counted by automatically analysing drone infrared images in a wide variety of ecosystems. The Purkersdorf Nature Park is particularly suitable for this research project because there is a known number of animals in our enclosures with which the drone data can be calibrated. Due to last year's success, the project will be continued in 2024.

"Climate Change meets Nature Park School"

The "Climate Change neets Nature Park School" project has been running at the Purkersdorf school campus since November 2023. Together with the Nature Park, pupils from the Nature Park School, the primary school and Josef-Schöffel Middle School have planted a climate hedge in the schoolyard and in the Nature Park. By regularly observing the hedges (leaf sprouting, flowering, fruiting), the children investigate how temperature, sunshine and precipitation influence growth in different locations. The research work on the hedge ("outside") is processed and analysed in class ("inside").

Gablitz primary school outdoor classes in the Purkersdorf Nature Park

Due to the success of the last 4 years, the Gablitz primary school has extended it's outdoor class programme until June 2027. This autumn, 4 forest learning days and further training with the school's teachers have already taken place.

Roe deer enclosure currently uninhabited

After our roebuck unfortunately escaped in fall 2023, we are taking advantage of the vacancy and will thin out the enclosure a little and expand it with an additional green area. We hope that we will soon be able to offer tame roe deer again. 

Wild boar piglets 2024

Unfortunately, the year 2024 did not bring the hoped-for wild boar piglets at the beginning of spring either. Thanks to a donation from the Bugl family, we were able to get a young boar and a young female wild boar into the enclosure last summer, but the boar was not yet able to "score" with the female wild boar. We are now hoping that, instead of the usual springtime, there will be offspring in late summer 2024 with lots of lively and curious young boars again.

Nature meets book 2024

Together with the Purkersdorf city lbrary, we have also entered into a special cooperation this year in a modified form under the theme "Nature meets books". In addition to the summer dates for reading in the countryside, this year there will also be special experience Tuesdays in the library foyer in 12th of March, 15th October and 26th November in the afternoons. In addition, the nature park is leaving part of its specialist library to the city library for a year. These media can now be borrowed by the public from the city library. Books can be found in the following areas: Identification books, forest education media, cookbooks, information on Austrian nature parks and much more.

Offspring in the nature park

On December 9 last year, we welcomed our little lamb Flocke to the nature park. Flocki, as he is affectionately called by the team, although he has already become a little teenager, is currently happily exploring the Kellerwiese with his mother Susi and his other four-legged friends. 
If you would like to get to know our little one better, you can meet Flocke and the nature park team in person on Friday, April 26, at our Walk & Talk with the four-legged friends of the Kellerwiese.

Book tip for kids (in German): How a forest grows

Come along on a walk through the forest and find out how a small plant can grow into a whole forest! This German non-fiction picture book uses atmospheric pictures and poetic texts to show nature lovers of all ages how a tiny plant can grow into a whole forest.

The book has received an award by the German Academy for Children's and Youth Literature (translated from German): "Rarely has a non-fiction picture book been told in such a literary-aesthetic, clear, informative and varied way. A walk you will want to repeat!"

From 4 years.
Available at