Outdoor school lessons are fun

Try a new type of classroom!

The nature park can be used as an outdoor classroom. In the Deutschwald park center we have tables sets that are suitable for group work, as well as our covered "Holzlabor", that provides room for fresh air lessons for all weather conditions.

Why learning outdoors?

Learning in nature is a holistic learning process that touches many topics across different subjects and enriches, strengthens and promotes an efficient learning.

Lessons can take place independently...

The nature park offers teachers plenty of space to apply their preferred lessons. In sunny weather several tables at the "Kellerwiese" or the in the "Deutschwald" visitor center can be used; in wet or windy conditions, the covered "Holzlabor" or the covered museum area in the "Deutschwald" visitor center can be used for group work.
Our facilities can be used by teachers and students at no cost. However, in order to coordinate the usage, we ask you to briefly inform the nature park management in advance at: info@naturpark-purkersdorf.at.

...or with forest educational support

If necessary, our nature education team can accompany classes during excursions or group work with additional knowledge and precise local expertise. We offer the many educational topics:

  • Forest education & social learning
  • Geography & climate
  • Biology (forest, water, biodiversity...)
  • Writing & maths with nature
  • "Of course" English

For questions about availability and costs, please contact us at info@naturpark-purkersdorf.at.