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We need supporters

The Purkersdorf Nature Park is financed by an operating grant from the municipality of Purkersdorf and by project funding from the Province of Lower Austria and the EU. There are also some smaller grants and third-party funded projects. However, there are often unforeseen ongoing expenses with which we exceed the limits of financial feasibility.

We would therefore like to address more private sponsors and supporters (especially for the maintenance of the animal enclosures and the care of our forest biotope).

We say thank you

For your contribution of 50 €, as a thank you we will send you a pin with our nature park mascot, the green woodpecker SAWI.

Please transfer your donation to our account:
Verein Naturpark Purkersdorf IBAN: AT54 1200 0006 1914 6806

Don´t forget to give us your name and adress so we can send you the pin to thank you!

Unfortunately, your donations are not tax deductible. Although we meet the requirements for a tax-deductable donation, we are currently unable to take advantage of this option, as the costs for the mandatory annual audit are unreasonably high compared to the overall amount of donations.