Wild animal enclosure at the nature park center

Discover red deer, wild boars and roe deer

Large game reserves for red deer, wild boar and roe deer have been set up at the Deutschwald nature park entrance. The animals can be easily seen, heard and (especially in the case of the wild boars!) smelled in their natural habitat.

PLEASE do not feed the animals, as inappropriate food makes the animals sick.

Deer enclosure

In the deer enclosure, the capital deer guards its four female companions (hinds). In spring, when the young are born, the animals are often hidden in the back of the. Only the stag has large antlers, the hinds are without headdress, but they have particularly pretty large ears. The stag sheds its antlers in mid-March so that they can grow again in full splendor until the rut in mid-August. One of its shed antlers and an information sheet on special features of the animals is on display at the feeding hut at the enclosure.

Wild boar enclosure

The wild boar enclosure is very popular with our visitors because it is easy to see and observe the animals, especially from the two observation platforms and along the path around the enclosure (approx. 20 min walk). In the enclosure one male animal ("Keiler") and 4 females ("Bachen") live together with their annual offspring ("Frischlinge"). Around March, the light brown striped young boars arrive. In the months after that (April-June) the wild boar enclosure is very busy, because the yearly 10-20 young boars are quite playful and curious and also very greedy.

Deer enclosure

The deer enclosure is the most secretive of our deer enclosures. With a little luck our two deer are easy to spot in the morning and evening hours as they emerge from the somewhat hidden wooded meadow into the wooded portion of the enclosure. The delicate deer are generally vulnerable and therefore always shy and try to hide from people. Therefore, deer are actually rather unsuitable for enclosure keeping. The female ("Rehgais") has no antlers ("Krickerl"), the male ("Rehbock") has a small "Krickerl". Our two deer were found as young fawns without parents, rescued and raised by humans. They are shy, but do not know their enemies and would not be able to survive alone in the forest. Even in the protected nature park enclosure they are endangered by predators, especially foxes and even small martens can kill deer. We have found a good solution to keep predators away by adding a "guardian" to the deer, namely a rather perky pygmy goat.

Access & reachability

The wild animal enclosures are located at the nature park center, which is easily accessible from the Deutschwald nature park entrance.
It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the Purkersdorf-Zentrum train station via the Kellerwiese access and the nature trail to the nature park center. A journey by car is not recommended because of the tight parking situation, but if you still want to, you can reach the nature park entrance Deutschwald at the end of Rudolf-Hanke-Gasse in the Purkersdorf district Deutschwald (Navi address 3002 Rudolf-Hanke-Gasse 12).