Trail network

Several well-marked trails lead through the nature park.

Apart the popular nature trail, our visitors have the opportunity to delve deeper into forest habitats on the less visited parts of the nature park.

Nature trail (2 km, 15 hm, 30 min)

The popular nature trail, which includes the parallel "Blind-Date" trail, is the most visited trail in the park. We have presented these two trails on a separate page.

Danebenweg (1.5 km, 20 hm, 30 min)

The "Danebenweg" (side trail) is an insider tip for those who don't want to stay on flat paths only. It leads from about the 2nd water research station from the nature trail to the park visitor center above the valley floor through an old beech stand.

Salamanderweg (2 km, approx. 125 hm, 30 min)

The "Salamanderweg" leads from the Sängerbrunnen in a winding continuous ascent to the "Blätterdach-Lichtblick" rest area.

The first stop on the Salamanderweg is the "Darüber-Blick" platform with the bee hives, where you can take a good rest and watch the hard-working nature park bees. The Salamanderweg continues along a narrow forest path to the less frequented part of the nature park. About 10 min walk from the bee platform, the trail passes the biotope, which was created to secure the endangered spawning grounds for yellow-bellied toads. After another 15 min the climb is over and the Salamanderweg reaches the "Blätterdach-Lichtblick", where there are wooden loungers to rest on and a small forest playground to run around in.

Spechtweg (2 km, 100 hm, 30 min)

The "Spechtweg" (woodpecker trail) is the connection between the nature park center and the junction "Blätterdach -Lichtblick".
The peculiarity of the Spechtweg is that several dead wood trunks can be seen that are an ideal habitat of woodpeckers. There is also an abandoned woodpecker cave, in which various butterfly caterpillars have gladly taken up residence.

Fledermausweg (2.5 km, 180 hm, 50 min)

The "Fledermausweg" (bat trail) is part of an official hiking trail through our nature park with its characteristic red and white markings. As trail 444 it leads between Mödling and Kahlenberg through the Wienerwald, as trail 04 it is part of the Voralpen long distance trail between Vienna and Salzburg.

The Fledermausweg leads between the Sängerbrunnen and the "Blätterdach-Lichtblick" over a steep ascent on the northern slope of the Wienfluss valley. It passes through a section of wild natural regeneration that has been growing since 2014. The trail is therefore a good addition to the trails that lead through old-growth stands, such as the Buchenweg or the Danebenweg.

This trail leads directly to the highest elevation of the nature park, the Schöffelstein at 425 m above sea level with the "Denk-Mal" for Josef Schöffel. Right next to the memorial is the Schöffelsteinwiese, an old meadow that had been almost overgrown with bushes and has been renaturalized in recent years. Seating and resting places invite you to take a long rest. From the Schöffelstein it is then only a few minutes to the "Blätterdach-Lichtblick", where there are further trail options back. Since the end of 2019, tree-seated loungers have been set up there, inviting you to restful "forest bathing".

Buchenweg (2.5 km, 120 hm, 40 min)

The "Buchenweg" (beech trail) leads from the Kellerwiese along the Schintergraben with a view of the nature park from the Georgenberg on the opposite side, past another small forest pond into a very pristine part of the forest with old-growth stands. Shortly before the Blätterdach-Lichtblick at the start of the trail, it leads to the Rudolfshöhe lookout.

Nature park map and hiking trails (PDF)