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  • Gabriela Orosel, © Wayan Makasii

    DI Gabriela Orosel, BEd

    Geschäftsführerin Naturpark Purkersdorf


    "In addition to nature conservation, environmental education is close to my heart. I would like to offer the future generation as many options as possible in the forest as a classroom for lively and vivid lessons in nature, following the motto of Austria's nature parks: experience nature - understand nature".

  • Dr Rudolf Orthofer, © Naturpark Purkersdorf

    Dr Rudolf Orthofer

    Obmann Verein Naturpark Purkersdorf


    "Nature protection can only succeed if people are aware of and appreciate nature. In the Purkersdorf Nature Park, we therefore try to make it possible to experience nature "with all the senses" during all seasons of the year."

Managing Committee

  • Maria Parzer, © Privat

    Dr Maria Parzer


    "The preservation of the old-growth forest is a matter close to my heart; moreover, I would like to push for soil-conserving management. According to the motto 'only what is known and loved is preserved', I consider the communication of the value of our forest by the Nature Park Team to be immensely important."

  • Leopold Zöchinger, © Privat

    Leopold Zöchinger


    "As a trained businessman, I look at the financial needs of the nature park so that the many maintenance measures can also be fulfilled on a firm basis."

  • Erwin Klissenbauer, © SRS

    Mag Erwin Klissenbauer


    "The Purkersdorf Nature Park is a great enrichment for both our residents and all recreation seekers and is indispensable."

  • Katharina Franke, © Privat

    Katharina Franke


    "The greatest treasure we have is our earth, our nature - let's preserve it together and learn from it. I am happy that I can make a small contribution to this in the Purkersdorf Nature Park".

Park Maintenance Managers

  • Wolfgang Lehner, © novotybizfotografie 2021

    Wolfgang Lehner


    "I appreciate the varied work with the animals and in the forest. In our daily work, we as a nature park team always come across exciting challenges in the protected area."

  • Bernhard Hiessberger, © Naturpark Purkersdorf

    Bernhard Hiessberger


    "In our nature park I like the varied and physical work in nature, as well as the care and feeding of our animals."

  • Rainer Rubik, © Naturpark Purkersdorf

    Mag Rainer Rubik

    Berater für nachhaltige Waldwirtschaft und Wildgatter

    "It is a particular concern of mine to harmoniously implement the requirements for the protected area with my forestry tasks."

  • Tobias Stierschneider (Voluntary Environmental Year 2021-22), © Naturpark Purkersdorf

    Tobias Stierschneider

    Naturparkbetreuer im Rahmen des Freiwilligen Umweltjahrs (FUJ)

    "I support the maintenance of the nature park to ensure that visitors have the best possible stay in the protected area. During my work I can broaden my knowledge about the animals and plants living in the nature park".

Office Management

  • Roman Nemirovsky , © Naturpark Purkersdorf

    Roman Nemirovsky

    Büroassistenz im Rahmen des Freiwilligen Umweltjahrs (FUJ)

    "I support the organization of the nature park, for example bookkeeping, event administration, media work and information services. I answer guests' questions to make their stay in the nature park more enjoyable."

Events, nature education, knowledge transfer

  • Nature and forest educator team 2020, © Naturpark Purkersdorf

    Nature and forest educator team

    Unser kompetentes Team zur natürlichen Wissensvermittlung

    "The forest is a museum, present and future at the same time. Here I offer valuable forest educational knowledge in a playful and informative way, depending on the group."  (Eva Glattau)