Scythe mowing and haymaking on the Feihlerhöhe

10. and 11.June 2022

If you have always wanted to be actively involved in nature conservation, you have come to the right place! Commitment creates a good feeling.

The next action day will take place at the beginning of June 2023


Action for school classes on 16th of June

Pupils of different ages get an insight into the diversity and importance of this meadow orchard (as one of many meagre meadows in the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve) and learn the traditional craft of scythe mowing. They also learn more about the life of bees and their importance for the meadow orchard with the nature park beekeeper Bieno.

The focus will be on the soil, climate and microclimate in relation to the meadow orchard.

Action for all on 17th of June

Participants learn how to cut with a scythe from the landscape gardener Michaela Kriegl, and then the meadow is cut together. To dry the cut grass, hayracks are set up. After the work is done, all helpers are rewarded with a snack and a wonderful view of Purkersdorf.

The scythes and a small snack will be provided. Participation is free of charge, but not for nothing! The visitors make a valuable contribution to biodiversity by mowing the meadow orchard. Details about the importance and history of the orchard can be found in the attached PDF.