Monument to the Vienna Men's Choral Society


The Sängerbrunnen was erected by the Purkersdorfer Verschönerungsverein in 1875 to commemorate a concert of the Vienna Men's Choral Society. An information board at the back of the fountain reminds of it.
The small monument including the fountain was part of the nature trail since 1967. The water fed the Fürstenberg fountain on the main square until the 1980s. The Sängerbrunnen was renovated in 2003.

Meeting place Sängerbrunnen

The Sängerbrunnen square is a junction and starting point of numerous hiking trails in the nature park and the start of the children's theme trail with the mascot SAWI, the green woodpecker.

Access & reachability

The square at the Sängerbrunnen is quickly accessible from the nature park access Kellerwiese behind the nature park bridge via the B44 . When leaving the Kellerwiese, cross the small side street "Auf der Kellerwiese" and the narrow bridge over the Schintergrabenbach.