Respectful interaction with nature

Let's take care of our nature so that all living things can live well together.

Environmental protection is important to us!

The visitors of the nature park - both sportsmen and recreationists - appreciate the animal and plant diversity and the nature discovery opportunities in the nature park Purkersdorf. There are also some (strictly) protected species. For example, the rare yellow-bellied toad has a home in our nature park. However, in order for these animals and plants to survive, they need a certain habitat with special conditions.
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For a mindful coexistence one thing is very important: respect for our environment and other living beings. Let's contribute together to protect these habitats and their inhabitants. If we protect nature, we also protect ourselves.

Let us take care of our environment

  • Let's keep our dogs on a leash!
  • Let's recycle our garbage instead of leaving it in nature!
  • Let's stay on the marked paths!
  • Let's avoid noise in the forest!
  • Let's walk instead of cycling!
  • Let the plants live!
  • Let's not annoy animals!
  • Let's not make fire in the forest!

Thank you

...for your thoughtful approach to nature and your important contribution to the protection of nature!
...for informing others about the appropriate behavior in the nature park!

Your help is valuable

Unfortunately, some places are often damaged by vandalism and affected by littering. Please inform us if you notice obvious damage to the facilities or litter pollution, so that we can react quickly.

The project was funded with the Biosphärenpark Wienerwald by the NÖ Landschaftsfonds.
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