Regional development in harmony with nature

We care about fairness and regional partnerships

We use our nature park to foster a sustainable regional development and to ensure the quality of life of the residents. To this end, we cooperate with producers, service providers and associations in the region.

Purkersdorf is a young community that has grown strongly in recent years, with many commuters to the Greater Vienna region. The population has increased by about 27% from 2001 to 2017, which reflects the heavy settlement pressure in the suburbs of Vienna. The population predominantly lives in the densely built-up area along the "Wien" river and the Gablitzbach valleys. Almost 82% of the municipal area is covered by the Wienerwald forest. There are only a few agricultural and forestry enterprises, and this already small number has further decreased by 40% between 1999 and 2010.

The nature park strives to offer regional producers, handicraft enterprises and service providers cooperations so that they can position themselves as Nature Park Partners. We do not only address enterprises in Purkersdorf, but also in the neighboring municipalities Gablitz, Mauerbach, Tullnerbach and Wolfsgraben.

Well established: Quality nature park honey 

There is currently an existing cooperation with the apiary "Bieno" for the production of honey as a nature park specialty and with the Wienerwaldgasthof "JohannesBär" as a nature park partner business.

New: Sheep wool as plant fertilizer

After the sheep shearing in late spring or autumn, the nature park gives away the wool in sacks in exchange for voluntary donations. It can be excellently used as fertilizer in your own garden or for houseplants. >> Read more