Opening Hours & Rules

Our park is open on all days of the year. There are no entrance fees.

All visitors are welcome. Our nature park is a protected area, thus we ask for respect for nature. Please therefore observe the nature park rules.

365 days freely accessible.

Our nature park is freely accessible all year round. It is particularly interesting to watch the changes in nature over the seasons.

There are no entry fees.

Please help us to keep our nature park clean.

Please do not leave any rubbish in the nature park. If you notice carelessness (papers, packaging, etc.) of other visitors, we would be grateful if you could help us with the cleaning and take these little things with you and dispose of them at our central garbage station on the Kellerwiese or at the Deutschwald visitor center.

Please keep dogs on a short leash

Dogs must be kept on a leash in the nature park, because wild animals often panic when dogs roam free, and they may find it difficult to compensate for the stress. Birds are very sensitive to disturbances from dogs, especially during the breeding season, and then leave their nests.

Pushing bicycles is allowed

Our nature park is reserved for nature and pedestrians. For this reason, cycling is not permitted in the entire nature park area (this also includes the meeting point at the Sängerbrunnen and the nature trail). You can find good information about alternative bike paths and mountain bike routes at Wienerwald Tourism.

Avoid forest walks in stormy weather

At wind speeds of more than 60 km/h branches may be torn off and fall on the paths and on hikers.

Please respect the animals' rest at night

At dusk and at night, many animals rely on the forest as an undisturbed habitat. Please avoid noise and lights in the evening.

Please inform us...

... if you notice any damage to our facilities so that we can repair them quickly: