Nature trail

Leisurely hiking trail with numerous information areas

The nature trail, which is popular with many visitors, continues for about 2 km from the Kellerwiese access point to the Deutschwald nature park Center. Our famous "Blind Date" trail with reading and feeling panels in tactile writing also runs along the nature trail.

A pleasant and varied trail

From the Kellerwiese access, where a playground invites children to let off steam and have a picnic, the nature trail first leads across the narrow bridge over the Schintergrabenbach stream to the small Sängerbrunnen rest area. There, a comfortable circular bench around an old chestnut tree invites you to take your first rest.

The path continues in a westerly direction. From the "new" Schöffel monument - a metal bust of the Wienerwald rescuer Josef Schöffel with a truncated naked tree behind it - the path leads steadily along the Wien River. On the shady riverbank, two water stations provide information about the special features of this famous river and show how to discover and identify even small aquatic animals.

Along the nature trail there are several information boards about forest dynamics, wood harvesting, mushrooms, forest fruits, beetles and butterflies. By the way, an old ford in the Wien River is still used today if it is necessary to remove logs from the steep hills.

After about 1.2 km the nature trail turns south parallel to the Deutschwaldbach and leads to the Deutschwald visitor center with the Wienerwaldhaus museum and three wildlife enclosures.

7 children's stations with green woodpecker SAWI

Especially for children we have set up 7 children's stations along the nature trail, where our green woodpecker SAWI surprises children with funny and instructive information and questions.

The smart little SAWI woodpecker informs children about the forest, the peculiarities in the nature park and about his own life. The woodpecker challenges the children with a matching question at each panel. The solutions of each station result in the solution of a riddle at the end. Of course, children also learn how SAWI got its name. The start of these exciting stations is at the Sängerbrunnen, just behind the Kellerwiese playground.

Adventure water stations for little explorers

Along the nature trail we have set up two water stations on the shallow bank of the Vienna River that provide information about the properties of the Wien river and its small aquatic animals. With small buckets and magnifying glasses, our young and older visitors can especially in summer explore the microfauna themselves. In winter the Vienna River is frozen at some point.


The nature trail starts at the Kellerwiese playground. The Kellerwiese can be reached directly from the Purkersdorf-Zentrum train station via the Säckingersteg (which leads across the Wien River to the P&R parking lot on the B44) over the nature park bridge.