Nature park and climate festival

Our exciting program for children and adults

The Nature Park and Climate Festival 2024 will take place on Saturday, 21 September 2024. We look forward to seeing you there!

Reflections on 2023

To coincide with the astronomical start of autumn and suitable weather, the traditional festival took place on Saturday, 23 Sep 2023 until the evening hours around the Deutschwald Nature Park Centre (Wienerwaldhaus), which was held for the first time in close cooperation with the municipality of Purkersdorf as the highlight of the season under the title "Nature Park and Climate Festival".

Purkersdorf Nature Park, together with its regional cooperation partners and the municipality, offered a colourful programme.

"Weatherproof as we are, we heralded the start of autumn with plenty of verve and energy," says Gabriela Orosel, Managing Director of the nature park. It wasn't just the dough that got warm at the stick bread barbecue and many other delicacies left no hungry wish unfulfilled.

Guided forest tours

The special features of the forest could be discovered on three different forest excursions. Participation was free of charge, but not for nothing. Participants could choose to immerse themselves in the forest with forest educator Angelika, paired with interesting input on the health of the forest, or they could follow in the footsteps of the wild forest together with Dr Herzog and his hunting dog from the Purkersdorf Hunting Club. On the third hike, the forester of the nature park offered insights into forest management and his tasks for a more climate-friendly forest.

Numerous family stations

At various stations, which not only imparted knowledge but were also fun, children and their parents were able to experience a forest fairy tale live, track down the wild Vienna Woods, learn how to sharpen knives, make a frog bookmark as the species of the month or go in search of forest treasures. They were able to "light" steel wool with a battery, search for earthworms in a box and carry out soil experiments, look for nature park bees or learn more about Austria's oldest nature park and the headdresses of the animals and their functions, as well as play forest memory games with a colleague from the Lower Austria Nature Parks Association.

Information and sales stands

In addition to the children's stations, regional partners such as our beekeeper Bieno, the mobile bookshop, the Regional Wood Propagation Association (RGV), the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria, Natur im Garten, EvaBrenner-ART and the Food Coop Wienerwald were also present at the festival with information and sales stands.

Awarding the winning label for Nature Park Honey 2023

The secret of the winner of this year's special edition of nature park honey was also revealed. The winning label will now adorn this limited Nature Park speciality until the next honey season in autumn 2024.

The Nature Park would like to congratulate all three winners.

Expert lecture on the effects of climate change

In the early evening, a lecture by phenologist Thomas Hübner (Climate Department) on the topic "Effects of climate change on the regional flora and fauna" was held at the Wienerwaldgasthaus Klugmayer to round off the event. 

We would like to thank our partners who made this event possible:

Copy Shop Novotny; Stadtgemeinde Purkersdorf; Natürlich-Lernen; Learning Events English; Biosphärenpark Wienerwald; Stadtbibliothek Purkersdorf; Wienerwald Tourismus; Wild & Life; Naturpark Sparbach; Verein Naturparke Niederösterreich; Eva Brenner Art; Freiwilliges Umweltjahr; Naturpark-Imkermeister Bieno; Foodcoop Wienerwald; Jagdklub Purkersdorf; Stonesurvival; Save Soil, Regionale Gehölzvermehrung, Natur im Garten & Energie- und Umweltberatung;