A good location to take a break, to orientate and to play

The "Blätterdach-Lichtblick" station is a trail crossroad junction in the middle of the nature park. From here, one trail leads to the Rudolfshöhe observation tower, another to the highest point in the nature park, the "Denk-Mal" at the Schöffelsteinwiese, and another one that brings you downhill to the animal enclosures and the Deutschwald nature park center.

After a steep climb, both from the nature park visitor center in the south or from the Sängerbrunnen in the north, you reach the "Blätterdach-Lichtblick" clearing, which invites you to stay, rest and play.

Here visitors find an overview map for orientation, that indicates different options for hiking trails. In case of wind or precipitation, a shelter hut offers protection from wind and moisture.

Once shaded by dense beech stands...

...the place now offers a lot of light again due to a necessary thinning out some years ago. The "Blätterdach" has thus become a "Lichtblick". Not only our visitors, but especially the young trees that regrow the area profit from the "Lichtblick" ("ray of hope"). Visitors can see the success of the regeneration: in addition to the natural regeneration of beech and maple, the newly planted oak and silver fir are also growing well.

Relaxing, informing and climbing

Wooden loungers, a round bench under beech leaves invite to relax.

A wooden throne made of a beech trunk lets children become the forest queen or king. A board informs about the importance of trees and wood in the forest.

A forest play area with a climbing wall, sound bars, a wobble bridge as well as an information board with our SAWI woodpecker encourages children for an active play.


From "Blätterdach-Lichtblick" a path leads out to the Rudolfshöhe lookout tower. walking time is about 35-40 min with about 100 meters of altitude gain. 

Via the "Fledermausweg" trail you may reach the "Denk-Mal" Josef-Schöffel memorial and the Schöffelstein forset meadow: walking time about 15 min with about 50 meters of altitude uphill.

Via the Spechtweg trail you reach the animal enclosures at the nature park visitor center: walking time about 30 min with about 75 meters of altitude downhill.