What we work for

The Purkersdorf Nature Park is one of the smallest, but one of the most visited nature parks in the federal province of Lower Austria.

Our goal is to preserve and increase the biodiversity and the variety of species in the natural habitat along the "Wien" river in the western Wienerwald, and to enable people to experience nature with all their senses during all seasons of the year.

In our work we follow the general "4-pillar model" of Austrian Nature Parks:


We preserve the natural western Wienerwald in its diversity and beauty and care for the cultural landscape that has been shaped for centuries. We establish additional habitats for animals and plants that are unique in our area. We want to involve people as competent partners for nature protection and conservation.


We offer attractive and well-kept recreational facilities that match the character of the landscape. We enable our visitors to experience nature as well as recreation. We specifically care for children.


We make the connections between nature and society understandable for our visitors. To do this, we use traditional information materials as well as new interactive means of experiencing nature. We enable school classes to learn with joy in nature from nature.

Regional development

We use the Nature Park to establish sustainable regional development and to ensure the quality of life of the residents. To this end, we cooperate with producers, service providers and associations in the region.