Nature park classroom

"Forest is our class" with our partner school Gablitz

In cooperation with the Association of Austrian Nature Parks (VNÖ) we have developed a concept outdoor lesson for elementary schools. Since 2019, we implement this as a pilot project with our partner school.

With our partner school Gablitz we have started a pilot project for elementary school lessons with a 1st grade and a 3rd grade from fall 2019. The children are enthusiastic!

Using our nature park as a classroom

What is special about our concept is that the nature park serves as a classroom for the full elementary instruction. Thus, children learn everything from arithmetic, reading, writing and art being in nature and with nature..., and by being in nature, of course they also learn about nature.

We assume that learning success is best when the children enjoy learning and have fun at it. Children should be allowed to experience, discover and explore. We enable learning by offering the children a combination of movement, perception, reflection and recognition that is adapted to their individual stage of development.

The children benefit

Spending time in nature and experiencing nature has a positive impact on children's development:

  • Mental development improves because self-awareness and creativity are enhanced. This also increases the ability to concentrate and thus school performance.
  • The sense of independence is fostered when children are allowed to discover and explore things for themselves. Self-confidence increases through independent action and by allowing (and learning from) mistakes.
  • Social behavior is promoted by motivating children to solve tasks together and to treat each other and the environment with more care.
  • Physical development benefits when children move more; as a result, they are sick less often.
  • When children build a relationship with nature, they begin to understand ecological cycles.

The project is implemented in collaboration with our cooperation partner Natürlich Lernen