Development activities in the nature park

There is always a lot to do!

The Purkersdorf Nature Park is constantly being further developed. Guided by the 4-pillar model of Austrian nature parks we implement innovative projects for nature protection, education, recreation and regional development.

Currently, several measures are underway in the areas of nature protection, education and regional development:

Efficient nature protection

Here, the focus is particularly on the protection and preservation of the natural habitat due to the increased user pressure of nature park guests and their behavior in the forest.

  • This can visibly improve the diversity in the nature park of forest and wildlife.
  • Reduce cross-country walking and driving by our visitors in the forest. Therefore, the nature park would like to improve the access to the trails, their condition and the guidance system, as well as the guidance of the guests in the nature park.
  • Emphasize the importance of protecting individual habitats in the nature park. The nature park would like to contribute to proper behavior in the forest with additional signage and informational work regarding waste disposal.

Deepening educational cooperation

The focus here is particularly on increasing the recognizability of the nature park, strengthening learning opportunities through educational programmes, and passing on the nature park vision.

  • Continue the revision of the nature park design as a visible sign for the visitors.
  • The nature park continues its educational mission for an interactive experience of nature and cooperation with educational partners during the 2021 season, taking into account the valid guidelines for the containment of the pandemic.
  • The educational offer at different learning game areas of the nature park will be kept up to date.

Regional development

The focus here is particularly on the further development of the nature park as an ambassador and partner in the region.

  • In this way, the importance of the nature park as a place of well-being for nature park visitors can be strengthened and the media presence of the nature park can be promoted.