Projects with the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve

Double victory for Purkersdorf at the anniversary competition of the Biosphere Park

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve, a competition "15 years - 15 projects" was held, to which many suggestions were submitted in the categories "Leisure & local recreation", "Preservation of the cultural landscape" and "Cooperation with businesses".

The Purkersdorf Nature Park was involved in two submissions and received funding for both proposals.

Project "Zugpferd Naturpark": using horse power for gentle forest management

In order to strengthen our forest areas in the long term, the management will be converted to a small-scale, soil-conserving forestry, with as little compaction of the subsoil as possible. As a pilot project, the Purkersdorf Nature Park will use sturdy horses as an alternative to heavy forest machines from the beginning of October 2021 to recover the wood in the steep terrain and work it off in small quantities.

The local population should also be involved in this process.

Project "Aufblühen auf der Feilerhöhe": Sheep pasture with beneficial insect pockets

This project is being implemented by the municipality of Purkersdorf in cooperation with the nature park. The goal is to make the Feihlerhöhe orchard meadow literally "blossom". Important beneficial insects are promoted by setting up an insect hotel and setting up several dead wood piles. The biodiversity is increased through the use of gentle mowing methods (including a sheep pasture) so that in the future there will be even more buzzing, humming and bleating.

In the peripheral zones, new rest areas will be established for visitors to observe and enjoy the diversity on the meadow.

The project will be implemented gradually over the course of the year. Participatory days for residents are planned for June 2021. This should also increase the future interest of volunteers to support the maintenance of the Feihlerhöhe.